A Reminder a Day for ELA

For those of you who are in New York like me, today is the first day of the ELA test! Your children will be tested in reading comprehension and will have to demonstrate some serious stamina so make sure to give them a break tonight:) We all want to help our kids but sometimes in the heat of the moment, we offer too much! Overwhelming students on testing day is a bad move. Most humans cannot hold 25 reminders in their brain at one time. Here is what I propose. Know the testing schedule so that you can have specific and meaningful morning-time conversations with your children. Offer them one or 2 reminders, but no more than that. You want to show them that you care enough to know what they have ahead of them on that day, but that you trust them enough to get the job done. Supportive is they key word here.

Firstly, click here to see the testing schedule so you know which tests are on which days. If you are interested in learning more about what happens on each day, I’ve compiled the most important information so feel free to download it here: Guide to ELA and Math 2012. This information was compiled and condensed from the Guide to the 2012 Grades 3–8 Testing Program in English Language Arts and Mathematics.

Here are some suggestions for tips you may want to give to your kids in the morning. I am including more than 2 for each day but you SHOULD NOT use all of these with your child. Make sure to pick 1 or 2 that you feel your child should be focusing on.








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