marisa-aboutHello and welcome to EdGeeks! My name is Marisa Kaplan and I am a native New Yorker and New York City teacher and educational consultant. Over the years I have taught in a variety of learning environments (including public, charter and private schools) working with students ranging from infancy to adolescence.  In 2011, feeling restrained by the current state of the educational system,  I left the classroom seeking out opportunities to impact learning on a larger scale.

Certified in special education, my main area of expertise is in modifying curriculum and learning strategies to meet the needs of all students. One of the main perks of being a special education teacher is the opportunity to collaborate with so many colleagues. Throughout my years in the classroom I have always been part of a strong team of child-advocates including teachers, families, therapists and counselors. I feel in many ways like I have become a Rolodex of strategies and tools just by virtue of working with so many amazing individuals. If you are interested in learning more about my educational and professional experience please visit my LinkedIn Profile.

For me, EdGeeks is about staying inspired. It is an outlet where I can share my discoveries about what makes learning work.  The three pillars of my blog are:

  • EdTech
  • Inspiration & Innovation
  • Learning Strategies

Currently I am a literacy and special education instructional coach for K-12 teachers, a private tutor and an educational writer. In addition, I am the Head of Curriculum Development at PenPal News, Community Ambassador at Citelighter and a Mentormob Innovator, and on the advisory board for SxSWedu.

The conversations I love the most are about reimagining education, finding and sharing pockets of innovation in learning, and developing tools that support differentiation in the classroom. That is why I am working with these inspiring organizations.


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