DisconnectED – The Disconnect between Educational Technology and Educators

On Friday, one of my pieces was featured on The piece discusses a topic that is incredibly important to me. Below you can find a glimpse of the piece, but be sure to stop by EdVoices to read it in its entirety and post a comment, like it or share it with your friends. Thanks for supporting EdGeeks in sharing about an issue that is becoming more prevalent in the field of educational technology.

DisconnectED – The Disconnect between Educational Technology and Educators

Last week I attended the SxSWedu Conference in Austin, TX. I wrote about it all week on if you’re interested in checking out inspiration, thoughts, reflections and hopes for 2013.

Today I want to discuss the disconnect between edtech companies/startups and educators. SxSWedu offered endless opportunities to meet with inspiring and innovative folks who really want to make a difference in the lives of children. It also illuminated the fact that there is a gaping hole in this ever-so-important conversation…educators! I am boggled by the fact that so many edtech products are being developed without including the voices of educators on the team. Sure, it can be challenging for educators to take time out of their already busy day to offer feedback, but it is possible and there are educators who are willing to do it (I know because I met them last week.) One of the most common questions I asked of educational entrepreneurs was, “So were you ever a teacher?” and the answer was almost always “No.” That is fine…great technology can be produced by people who are not in the field of education…but great educational technology requires the input of a team of educators and dare I say it, even parents…

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