Are Children the Forgotten Audience in Education?

About a week ago I was walking in my neighborhood and bumped into one of my old students. For the sake of anonymity, I’ll call him Flat Stanley. I taught Flat Stanley in first and second grade. He was one of my most memorable students…a child from whom I have drawn inspiration in multiple areas of my life over the years.

I was so excited to see him and to spend some time catching up. The first thing he asked me is: “How is EdGeeks?” I thought it was so strange that he knew about it. He said that he heard from someone that I had a blog and so he comes to read my work. Then he said:

“I love to read your blog because I love to read what you think, but I never understand what you are talking about because its not for kids. Can I give you some advice to make EdGeeks cooler? Write for kids sometimes…maybe like, interview them or something.” 

This really made me think about the conversations that are happening in education right now. We are at a potentially pivotal point in education and I fear we are not incorporating children into our conversations nearly enough. Personally, I have been so consumed with dissecting problems, exploring possible solutions and reading endless research that I must admit I have alienated the one audience who is at the core: Children!

I started looking around online to learn about some of the sites out there that actually appeal to students and frankly I’m disappointed. There are some news sites for kids and some game sites for kids, but there isn’t much out there that is for kids by teachers. I’m not sure if EdGeeks is the best outlet to share information for kids, but I’m definitely thinking about it. Anyone out there have any sites that their students love? I’m particularly interested in sites written for students by teachers about how to use technology to grow as learners. Thoughts anyone?

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  • Flat Stanley July 14, 2012 - 10:22pm

    Hi! Flat Stanley here! I miss you too, and right now, I’m thinking about making my own website soon! It’ll be a little hard, but I have help. It’ll be called EduCakes! Who knows, maybe me and you can share EdGeeks and EduCakes! My website is aimed to be much like your site-but more kiddier topics, articles, and links!

    I will update you on how I’m doing from now on.

    Please reply!

    Flat Stanley



    • Marisa Kaplan August 7, 2012 - 3:43pm

      Can’t believe you found me Flat! You really do read EdGeeks:) I hope you get EduCakes up and running soon. Great to hear from you, hope we bump into each other again soon!!


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