Basher Books Heighten Engagement in Science

I was recently working with a student who showed me a new book that she had gotten about physics. To be honest, I am not too interested in physics. I know that sounds terrible coming from a teacher, but hey…we all have our strengths and our weaknesses. That being said, this book was so colorful and the pages were so engaging that I wanted to learn more so I did some research and found out that the physics book was part of a really enticing series called Basher Books, created and illustrated by Simon Basher. Here is a quick glance at a few of the books in the series…

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The Basher Books website has a ton of information about the books, the book topics and extension materials and activities. The Basher Book Series contains books (and flashcards!) on a range of topics including science, math, music and punctuation. The mission of Basher Books is to breathe life into topics that are often taught in a dull way.

Below you can find a snapshot of the Basher Books Website. When you visit, make sure to click on the tab that says “Subjects.” It is a unique take on an interactive wordwall. Simon Basher does a wonderful job of using illustration to engage learners. “His illustration style is described as graphic surrealism; a synergy of European graphic design and Japanese character creation” (Taken from Simon Basher’s biography on the Basher Books website.)

You should also click on the “Downloads” tab where you can find great visuals available for download. Here is a screenshot.

If I were a middle or high school science teacher, I would have the whole collection in my classroom available for students. What a great find! Best part, the series was recommended to me by a fourth grader:)

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