Citelighter Expands to PDF Capture Ability

Citelighter has been supporting learners in collecting, organizing, storing and sharing their research and learning since it’s inception in September 2011. Today, Citelighter releases PDF Capture Ability, further supporting access to high-quality information!

With Citelighter, you can browse the Internet and click & capture information you deem important. Later, you can go back and organize your information and even add in your own thoughts or questions through the commenting functionality. High School teachers have been finding that Citelighter bears a natural connection to their classrooms. Educators have been teaching students to use Citelighter to support their research projects! The commenting function makes it possible for research to become conversational and for teachers to offer feedback to their students.

In September, 2012, Citelighter released their Pro-Accounts, giving access to the vast collection of resources at Questia, which opened up a whole world of opportunities for teachers and learners. Access to credible sources like these makes research stronger and learning deeper. Today, Citelighter opens new doors as they expand to PDF Capture Ability. PDF Capture Ability allows for a wider range of access to credible information, which we know can be a struggle for young learners. It also encourages variety of sources being used for research.

What an exciting day for Citelighter! Looking forward to seeing where 2013 takes them.

PDF Upload Screenshot 2PDF Upload Screenshot

Read Storing Sharing and Organizing Your Education and Research to learn more about Citelighter.

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