EdSurge – Helping us ask the right questions so that we can choose educational resources that actually promote learning


Awhile ago I mentioned EdSurge as a go-to site for technology in education. I have been receiving the regular edition of the EdSurge newsletter for some time now, but the more recent EdSurge Instruct newsletter for teachers is what I’d like to discuss today.

If you are a teacher, you NEED to be reading this newsletter weekly. To be honest, I’m not a “newsletter reader” in general, but this one catches my attention every week. I always make time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to click through every link in the email.

As a teacher, it can be really difficult to stay on top of the latest in educational innovation. Often, if you need a tool and you “Google it,” you run the risk of finding something that is borderline academic at best. EdSurge does a great job of vetting resources so you can be sure that if it’s coming to you through the newsletter, it’s something worth taking a look at.

Our educational system is at a point of major struggle. We need to be asking more questions about the tools we use to support learning inside and out of the classroom. Many educational resources that come in shiny packages can look appealing, but we can’t afford to be judging books by their covers these days. EdSurge can help us figure out what we should be asking and can lead us in the right direction for tools that really do support learning.

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