Family Involvement Past the Classroom

We are in a difficult place in education right now. We all know there are  obvious problems. What we may not recognize, is that there are people around the country, and around the world, who are trying step-by-step to tackle these problems. Educational entrepreneurship is becoming a “thing.” Entrepreneurs recognize the problems too but what sets an entrepreneur apart from others is that they are willing to take a risk to see if the solution they believe in will actually work! I have been getting as involved as possible in this scene lately. There are a billion and one issues I could complain about, but what I’d rather do with my time is learn about the various ideas out there that are being developed as possible solutions and give my input. As a former teacher, I can definitely bring a unique perspective to these solutions and making them a reality for the classroom.

Families have insights into what children need in a way that business professionals, entrepreneurs or even teachers may not. A parent’s ideas can be fresh and super important to supporting an educational cause or attempting to solve a problem. If you are a family member who can answer these questions, you should be getting involved in some way!

  • What does your child struggle with academically and why?
  • What would support your child at home?
  • What would help you support your child at home?
  • What works for teaching your child?
  • What encourages your child?
Get involved if you can! Getting involved can mean a number of things. It can mean developing an awareness by reading about what is happening in the field. It can mean going to entrepreneurial “meetups” to listen and give input. It can mean contacting a startup that you find interesting to find out how you can get involved. Here are a few resources that I am finding helpful. Please add to the list if you know of more:
  • Read EdSurge‘s Weekly Newsletter
  • Attend a Startup Weekend to offer ideas to possible new Ed startups
  • Attend an Educational Conference or Event (If you need more info, contact me – but this varies by location)
  • Take a class at General Assembly
Here is a sampling of what you are missing out on by NOT getting involved…
(These are some amazing ideas and events that are happening in education, right under your nose!)



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