Google Search Education Lesson Plans

It’s pretty upsetting that so many teachers don’t realize that Google is more than just Gmail. Honestly, I was a latecomer to Google tools for education and I am mostly self-taught but I am learning more each day. I recently found out that Google has a series of Lesson Plans¬†and Live Training videos for teaching students to use the Internet effectively for research. Each lesson plan comes at three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

So many companies come out with curricular tools that don’t feel like they have been thought out or test run by a teacher but these lesson plans are actually quite helpful! They cover:

  • Picking the right search terms
  • Understanding search results
  • Narrowing a search to get the best results
  • Searching for evidence for research tasks
  • Evaluating credibility of sources

Screenshot of Lesson Plan Topics and Levels

Depending on your position and in-class setup, you may be able to use these as whole-class lesson plans. For teachers who want to teach all of the lessons as a unit, be sure to check out the Lesson Plan Map. The classroom is a great space for these discussions but I must admit, If I were a parent I would definitely be making use of these resources at home. While these lesson plans are designed to teach students about using the Internet for research, parents can use them to teach their children, tweens and teens about safety and maintaining an appropriate digital identity.

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