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The Google Science Fair is an event that inspires our youth to make change! Google invites all 13-18 year olds who are creative, outside of the box thinkers who demonstrate curiosity about the world to compete in the science fair. Just a few reasons to love the science fair:

  • The fair allows young, unique thinkers to connect with other likeminded teens
  • The fair encourages students to follow application instructions carefully, which is a great skill to learn early on. This is a similar process to what they will go through with college applications, job applications, etc.
  • The fair connects the world of academia to technology, video and the Internet
  • The prizes are outrageous, life changing experiences which teach and inspire young winners

What Can You Do?

The Google Science Fair siteĀ offers a variety of tools for educators to use to inspire students to compete. These tools are simple and can be used by parents as well. Download these documents to get your child pumped up about the science fair. Support your child through the brainstorming process using these activities and guiding worksheets. All students need to obtain parental consent in order to compete.

The Google Science Fair is accepting applications until April 1st, 2012. The rules are specific and important to follow so be sure to check into the rules well before submitting your idea.

In 2011:

In 2011, Google held its first science fair. With over 10,000 applicants from 91 countries, Google narrowed it down to three young WOMEN who won the fair. Read moreĀ about the winning entries and where their winning projects led them. When I think of these young women, I am speechless. I am so impressed by their creativity

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