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Great parents and strong teachers have many things in common. One goal that many parents and teachers share is the desire to make learning fun for children. We want our children to take ownership over their education. We want them to want to learn. But making learning fun can be a daunting task.

Last year, I found a line of math board games by Lakeshore Learning that were broken up by content area and appropriate age/grade level. Many of the games have multiple versions meaning that you can teach students the same game with varied content. For example, “Who’s High, Who’s Low” has 4 versions: operations, money, fractions and place value. These games played a large role in my classroom. Firstly, they supported this idea of making learning fun for my students…even the ones who struggled in math. Secondly, my students loved these games so much that it gave me the opportunity to use them as a reward in the classroom. I thought it was such a fantastic reward…more learning!

Here is a list of the games that are available.

Multiple Versions:

(Ex: operations, money, time, fractions, place value, etc.)

Who’s High, Who’s Low?

8-in-1 Math Partner Games

Quick Pick Math Cards


Pop to Win!


The Allowance Game

Shop ‘Til You Drop Money Game

ATM Action! Money Game

Making Cents Money Game


Dino Time: 15-Minute Intervals Game

Atlantis Time Adventure: 5-Minute Intervals Game

The Lost Temple of Time: Elapsed Time Game




Treetop Treat Fractions GameFraction of the Pizza Game



How Long Is It? Measurement Game

Escape From Measurement Island! Game

Random but Fantastic!

The Math Star Word Problem Game

Division Collision

Multiply, Divide & Conquer Game

Place Value Mystery House Game


Here is what they look like:


Do you know of any other math games that can support learning both at home and in school? Share them by leaving a comment!

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