MoMath Museum of Mathematics

Yes, it looks like MoMa but it’s not…it’s MoMath! MoMath is an interactive math museum that is set to open in late 2012. What an exciting venture for New Yorkers and all of the travelers who pass through! One of the most common questions during parent-teacher conferences is “what can I do at home to support math?” This is it! MoMath will be the ultimate math-y experience for children in NYC. It will be a friendly space that offers exhibits and activities, which encourage individuals to see the connections between math and the world. The online museum shop is already selling neat math-y books, gadgets and puzzles like the Frabjous and the Skrube2I for one can’t wait to check out this museum. Here is a list of reasons why MoMath is so rockin’…

  • MoMath has a travelling math exhibit called The Math Midway
  • MoMath partners with Make: Online to write a weekly math-y column called Math Monday
  • MoMath is having a contest to see who can design the most creative Tee-Shirt…If you win, you’re design could be on sale at the MoMath shop! Enter Here

This is an Awesome Partnership!

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