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In June, I will be attending the NMC Summer Conference at MIT and could not be more excited. Being surrounded by such cutting edge minds makes me dream a little bigger and think further outside the box. Not to mention, I’ll finally get to see the MIT Media Lab, which has been a super dorky dream of mine for quite awhile. If you haven’t registered yet, here are 10 reasons why you should!

Take special note of #10. “It’s the convening of the tribe. You’ve been to the conferences populated by tens of thousands of people where name badges are survival items. The annual Summer Conference fosters a close-knit community — the beach bonfire of conferences. Even if you’re a first-timer, the NMC community welcomes you and your insights with open arms. As much as we are all EdTech enthusiasts, we recognize that it is truly you, the people, that makes the impact.” (Taken from 

This is no joke…the NMC community has been so friendly and welcoming! I recently spoke with Samantha Adams from the NMC who was awesome!  She had a wealth of information about the organization and the NMC Summer Conference. During our conversation, she told me all about the NMC Horizon EdTech Weekly App (available for iPad and iPhone), which I downloaded about a few weeks ago.  It is a pretty exciting app mostly because it makes our industry feel more legitimate…EdTech has a serious App now people! The App is quite simple to navigate and offers a few important features including:

  • Top 10 EdTech stories each week (and you can revisit articles from previous weeks)
  • A database of EdTech research including articles, papers and projects
  • A collection of NMC Horizon Reports discussing trends spanning the last ten years

Staying on top of cutting edge EdTech can be exhausting so my favorite feature is the top 10 EdTech stories of the week. It is simple, concise and keeps me up to date. Each piece has a snapshot-like abstract so that I can get an idea of the topic before committing to reading it in its entirety. Next up on Deck: The App is being updated and will have some pretty cool new features. Firstly, the K-12 Horizon Report will be available and it is the only place you can get it before June 14. Also, the Top 10 EdTech Stories will be categorized, making it easier to navigate and digest.

The App is $2.99 and you should buy it if you are an EdGeek like me, a student, teacher, parent or entrepreneur interested in technology for education. Click here for a sneak peak inside the App, including screen shots.

Are you going to the NMC conference? Reach out, I’d love to hear from you!

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