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When I was younger I loved school…most of it anyway. Unfortunately I was not a huge fan of science. I found the readings dense and the vocabulary challenging. Looking back I realize I didn’t have the right teacher. It is sad because I must admit, science is now one of my favorite subjects to teach because it is so experiential. While I didn’t love science in school, I always loved science projects, kits and games that I could use at home! I loved feeling a sense of ownership over my projects, whether it was growing plants, brine shrimp or crystal gardens! I specifically recall falling in love with these 3 kits:

[amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]B000COGYW2[/amazon-product] 


Magic Crystal Garden Lab

[amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]B00029QPMG[/amazon-product] 


Brine Shrimpery

[amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]B001CBZXEE[/amazon-product] 


Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo

A lot of things have changed since I was in school. Today I want to review a particular set of more recent scientific kits that kids go crazy for! A science teacher I used to work with used some of these kits in her classroom. She even gave them out as rewards for the student with the most growth in her class at the end of the year…and as you can imagine, students would all shoot for the stars to have a chance at winning one of these kits! With the holiday season coming up, they can also make great gifts for kids – especially if you are looking for something that is on the academic/exploratory/creative side of the game world.

Scientific Explorer educational kits are a great way to get your child/student engaged in science. They make a variety of kits designed to foster creativity, exploration and curiosity in a range of scientific areas. Most of the kits are geared towards astrology, physics and chemistry and all of them make science accessible to even the least scientifically involved children. If you are looking to bring science into your classroom or home and want to ensure that it is fun and engaging, be sure to take a look at these kits!

Just to point out my favorite picks:

  1. Perfumery Kit does wonders for getting girls engaged in chemistry!
  2. Tasty Science offers little chefs a means of understanding the science behind food
  3. Disgusting Science: A Kit For Studying the Science of Revolting Things (What more is there to say?)
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[amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]B000NQNS5K[/amazon-product]  [amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]B0006OHMU6[/amazon-product] [amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]B00007JXVS[/amazon-product] [amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]B000ESWF9W[/amazon-product]
[amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]B0006O8EFS[/amazon-product] [amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]B000ESZQSE[/amazon-product] [amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]B000BUW7EG[/amazon-product] [amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]B00008ZCDO[/amazon-product]
[amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]B000ESYBI0[/amazon-product] [amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]B0016M16UY[/amazon-product] [amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]B000ESWFA6[/amazon-product] [amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]B0016LVJ70[/amazon-product]
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[amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]B00000IS7I[/amazon-product]  [amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]1891808850[/amazon-product]  [amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]B00275SJA4[/amazon-product]  [amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]B000NQIQWK[/amazon-product]

Do you have any other engaging science kits, games or experiments to share? Leave a comment so others can see your ideas!

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