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About a month ago I met SnappSchool founders Alex Weinberg and John Halloran. What I immediately loved about SnappSchool is that we share a common mission – to support parents in becoming teachers at home. One of my favorite things about this duo is that Weinberg is a former teacher and Halloran is a parent…what a perfect match. Too often, teacher and parent perspectives are missing in the creation of educational technology. The fact that this partnership brings both perspectives to the table makes their product unique. These two are truly committed to bridging the gap between home and school!

Messaging System: SnappSchool’s first product was a messaging system for teachers. The system was developed to support teachers in communicating the events of the day with families. It is a simple tool that allows teachers to contact individuals and groups of parents with ease. This communication is crucial because it helps parents know what is happening during the school day, especially when children struggle to answer the age-old question, “What did you do in school today?”

Weekly Email Tool: SnappSchool’s latest product is a weekly email that helps parents support their children with homework and all around learning in the home. Weinberg and Halloran chose this as their next tool to meet a few specific needs:

  • Some parents want to help their children but cannot remember far enough into their childhood to recall learning the material.
  • Some parents want to help their children, and CAN remember how they learned the material – but they don’t understand the way teachers teach it now.
  • Some parents want to help their children but don’t have resources or materials that support the topic.
  • Some parents want to help their children but aren’t quite sure what topic their children are working on in school.

The weekly email is pretty amazing. I know this because I get them for all grade levels! The emails are concise and the strategies are simple to use. What I love most about the emails:

  • I love the toolbox strategies – which are quick, tactile ways to teach a particular lesson
  • I love that each email has a list of attached resources for parents who want to take the learning a step further.
  • I love that the emails are so visual – believe it or not, grownups need visuals too!

This is a growing project and math is just the beginning. I am excited to see where Weinberg and Halloran take SnappSchools next. Make sure to sign up for SnappSchool’s email service here and share with all the parents you know.

***Enter the code EdGeeks to get a free subscription until the end of the 2011-2012 school year! 

Here are some sample emails so you can get a visual:

Fact Triangles

Grade 3 Sample: Fractions (Basic)

Grade 6 Sample: Geometry

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