SXSWedu Top Questions and Awards

Solid week here at SXSWedu – it’s a different feel than last year. If you’re just tuning in now, be sure to check out EdSurge’s coverage: MOOCs and Assessments and Makers, Oh My!


As always, I’m most intrigued by questions so I’ve decided to share some of the top questions that have come up thus far in sessions, at networking events, and in lounges.

  • Bubble: Can our marketplace handle 5 new incubators? –Tony Wan
  •  Data: What kind of data excites you? –Tom Vander Ark
  • Audience: What can we do to engage the two absent groups in education (teachers and students?) Audrey Watters
  • Access & Equity: Why aren’t families astounded if there is no broadband in school that day. They should be just as astounded as they would be if there was no water or electricity that day. –Richard Culatta
  • Families: What are we doing to support early literacy and math in low income areas? How are we supporting families to set them up with success in the home? –Sarah Dewitt
  • Stakeholders: Which stakeholders do we serve first? Students, teachers, investors? -Anonymous:)


Coolest New Person I’ve Met

Viktor Venson, Founder of @NRBLB – Find him, he’s awesome!

Most exciting learning tools (that I’ve seen so far!)

Lego Story Starter for Sequencing in Literacy Monkey Jump courtesy of PBS Kids
photo (38) More to come on this later… Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 1.51.48 PM


Best new tattoo

Heather Gilchrist: My EdTech Fairy Godmother


Most Creative Swag

photo (39)

With no help from me at all, Michael Bernstein got super crafty with mini paper airplanes for PenPal News.

Got questions or awards to add? Leave a comment!

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