The Weekly Lowdown #12

1-23-12 Home-School Connection: Tracking Progress Using Portfolios

This post discusses the importance of tracking progress not only for teachers, but for students. We need to be teaching the power of reflection to our students. We can do this by having them collect, organize, review and reflect on their work throughout the year. This article shares somes great ideas for setting up a portfolio system in your classroom.

1-24-12 Guest Blog: Tips and Strategies for Classroom Wide Behavior Management by School Psychologist Emma Savino

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School Psychologist Emma Savino divulges tips and strategies for classroom behavior management. This is a followup to her recent guest blog post on behavior charts and positive praise. 

1-24-12 Inspiration: Here’s A Challenge!

This is a really fun, original contest idea: best 6-word essay explaining what it means to be a great teacher! I’ve submitted mine already…make sure to get yours in!

1-25-12 Gadgets for EdGeeks: Using Pinterest to Collect and Share Teaching Ideas

A collection of creative ideas for the classroom by bunchofscrap

It didn’t even dawn on me to use Pinterest to share ideas about education, but a friend of mine recently inspired me. Check out how teachers can use Pinterest to share ideas about education and the classroom. (P.S. I just signed up and got started – follow me if you are interested. I’m just getting started but I am hoping to have some full boards soon!)

1-26-12 Home-School Connection: Organic Strategies for Test Prep: Math Short Response

How to be An Independent Worker Poster by Jason Skeeter

Continuing the strand of posts on Organic Test Prep Strategies, EdGeeks discusses math. Find out what makes the math test so tricky and how to prepare your children to be successful. This post was a collaboration – big shout out to friend and colleague Jason Skeeter for sharing some great insights into the math test (and some pretty awesome posters which are available for download!)

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