PenPal News

Calling all Middle School and High School Teachers:

Here is some inspiration for you, a new project called PenPal News. PenPal News is merging technology with the age-old idea of pen pals. This project pairs classes and encourages students to read, think and share ideas about news that is taking place where they live or where their pen pal lives. In my estimation, the best part of this project is that it brings a safe social media platform into the classroom for the purpose of supporting learning. This is an innovative educational program that addresses the desire of our youth to participate in social media and to embrace technology in the classroom. Our kids want it, and we should be listening. My rule of thumb is: if it’s safe and it gets them reading…I want it!

Why PenPal News?

  • Because it is a highly engaging way for MS and HS students to read
  • To engage your students in critical thinking about important topics
  • To offer students a supplemental curriculum that has real-life applications
  • To teach and foster the importance of international relations
  • To offer students perspective on other parts of the world
  • To use as a medium for teaching skills that can improve writing

Opportunity is Calling: Currently, PenPal News is entering its second round of the pilot program, which is a FREE, 6 week program beginning in February. PenPal News is looking for the second set of teachers to participate in this program, which I believe will be revolutionary to the way we look at reading, writing and social studies in our classrooms! To learn more about PenPal News or to sign your class up for the February session, visit If you are an international teacher or if you know any, please pass this on to them! Click on the poster below to see what PenPal News is all about.

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