The Heart and the Bottle App -by, Oliver Jeffers

It is not so often that a children’s author is able to touch the lives of adults through picture books. There is just something about Oliver Jeffers though…something about his style of illustration and storytelling that just gets me. His picture books are stunning:

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I also love that he is a true artist who just happens to create children’s picture books. When you stop by his site, be sure to look through his paintings as well.

What I am most impressed with is actually a new app called “Heart and the Bottle.” This Ipad app is so exciting. It fuses creativity and art with literacy and imagination! Watch this trailer to get a glimpse of the app in action. It is even Apple’s ipad app of the week. The trailer gives me the chills – it is truly amazing what can happen when an adult captures the unique imagination of a child through art and literature. Thanks for the inspiration Oliver!

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