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Firstly, a big shout out to my dear friend Ari Joseph for always passing on inspiring projects! This is not a traditional educational post but I am completely intrigued by this project and wanted to share. It is called The Listserve and it is a really exciting idea!

Basically, it is an email lottery system with a growing number of subscribers. As of the last time I checked, the subscription list was up to 20,640. “Each day, one person is randomly selected to write one e-mail to the growing list. That’s the only e-mail allowed to be sent to The Listserve.” The essential question for this project is: If you could talk to one-million people, what would you say?

I signed up yesterday and received my first email from a student in Australia. His words were endearing and it was great to hear a voice from so far away. What a great way to bring people together and to make us question what is truly important! In the spirit of education, this could be a really inspiring project for ELA, Writing, Social Studies…even math with a growing list of subscribers. Thanks Ari, i’m inspired. Can’t wait for today’s Listserve email. Hope I get picked soon:)

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