The New Era of Posterboards

Yesterday, I had a moment where I thought about my old art teacher, Sid. She was one of the hippest teachers I’ve ever met. I remember feeling a breath of fresh air every time I entered her classroom. I loved that part of the day! Even though I loved art class, I remember that some of my friends felt uncomfortable because they struggled to think of themselves as artists. As a teacher, I have come across many children and teens who demonstrate anxiety over producing artwork.

I recently learned about two tools that can help kids overcome their anxiety. Let’s be honest, while I could spend hours coloring – not everyone will love to draw! That is acceptable, but we need to teach kids how to express themselves in creative ways. I propose using these two tools as an alternative for your child if he/she feels uncomfortable drawing with pencil and paper.

Mixel is a social art-making tool for people who don’t think of themselves as artists. The app makes it easy to collage together images from anywhere, in any way you like. You can remix works from others, and see the surprising ways they remix yours. It’s fun, free and incredibly addictive.” (From the Mixel website)

Four samples of how artists use Mixel (Artists: Armand Dembski, Dietmar Henrich, Lauren Feldman, Marie Innes)

Smore is an online page-builder that allows you to create beautiful posters/flyers with ease and publish them!

Look to Mixel and Smore When…

  • Your child is asked to make an artistic representation of a concept and feels anxiety over drawing or seems disengaged
  • Your child is asked to design a poster or flyer
  • Your child is asked to create an illustration for a story or for a poem
  • You want to teach your child to use technology in an engaging way
  • Your child wants to try something new!
  • You and your child want to teach the teacher something new and exciting!

    Sample Smore by Kimberly Hoffman


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