Incorporate Non-Fiction Text Into Your Home or Classroom Book Collection

The non-fiction genre is one that children either love or hate. The way I see it, kids who truly understand what non-fiction is love it. The kids who think that non-fiction is full of dense text with challenging or impossible vocabulary, usually run for the woods when they hear it’s coming! I have always wondered where this misunderstanding comes from. Could it be our own adult perception of non-fiction? Perhaps the rigorous non-fiction assessment that children must endure? It could even be the fact that children are often paired with non-fiction topics that are uninteresting to them or with books at levels that are too challenging. Whatever the reason, I say we put a heavy focus on encouraging our kids to love non-fiction! Here is how:

Do you read books about things you’re not interested in? Me neither! Peak engagement by choosing book topics that your child is interested it. Does your child love horses? Find a book series that teaches about horses! This should be obvious! When trying to get your child to read non-fiction books, pick something interesting. You can even use a survey like this one to see what your child might like to read about.

Get a subscription to a children’s magazine or newspaper. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, you can be using non-fiction publications as a way to build interest in your young readers. Click on the link above to see some examples of children’s publications that might be appealing to your child. I cannot stress enough how much children love to read about things that are happening in “real life.” It makes them feel mature and important!

Here are my top 3 picks for non-fiction book authors/collections:

1. Heinmann Raintree is an amazing publisher of children’s and teen non-fiction books. I love using these books in the classroom because they come in sets by subject area and believe it or not they are all aligned with the standards so they’re easy to tie into curriuculm. Some of my favorite collections are:

[amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]1434228061[/amazon-product] [amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]1434227820[/amazon-product] [amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]1434228096[/amazon-product]

Sports Illustrated Victory Superstars

[amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]1429648546[/amazon-product] [amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]1429648570[/amazon-product] [amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]1429648554[/amazon-product]

Action Science Collection

[amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]1410910113[/amazon-product] [amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]1410910105[/amazon-product] [amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]1410910083[/amazon-product]

You Are In Ancient…

2. National Geographic is and always has been a great resource for families and educators. We all know they have a fabulous magazine collection (differentiating for younger and older kids) and that their websites offer interactive games and activities…But did you know that they also publish fantastic non-fiction books for kids? Here are my top picks:

[amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]142630594X[/amazon-product] [amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]1426308647[/amazon-product]

Weird But True Books

[amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]1426300913[/amazon-product] [amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]0792255836[/amazon-product]

Jump Into Science Books

3. Nicola Davies is the author of a super collection of non-fiction books. What makes her books so unique is that they include both narrative text and factual text. This added narrative feature makes her texts highly engaging and accessible for young readers. Here are my favorite Nicola Davies books:

[amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]0763623113[/amazon-product] 

One Tiny Turtle

[amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]0763610801[/amazon-product] 

Big Blue Whale

[amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]0763624381[/amazon-product] 

Bat Loves the Night

And here is my favorite non-fiction book of all! Perhaps it’s because I’m a Native New Yorker. This book makes reading interactive and fun!

[amazon-product image=”″ type=”image”]0792279824[/amazon-product]

Go Wild In New York City

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